Thursday, April 26, 2012

Here Goes Nothing

Hmmm… where to begin.  So what is square zero you ask?  It's like square one, but suckier. It's not like I am back at the beginning, it's like I have regressed so much past that.  Don't get me wrong I've made healthy decisions before.  Heck, I even ran my first marathon, Disney, in January.

But then it all hit the fan.  Even when not marathon training I'd always kept a fair level of exercise around usually in the form of 4-6 mile runs many days after work.  I wasn't always in marathon shape (however, let me point out that my marathon shape is always much shapelier than some of those stick like runners), but I always had a good foundation.  Then it struck.  INJURY!  At first I tried to fight through it and then I realized that I'd just end up jacking myself up more for the future so I did the unthinkable, I rested for 2 and a half months!   

So now I am back at it.  Slowly starting to run again and it is rough.  It's like I am a brand new runner.  I haven't felt this way in years.  It is ugly.  My legs are yelling at me, they feel like lead, it is miserable and that is only mile #1.  Dear legs,  How in the h$&L do you not remember we just did this a few months ago.  Get it together!  And while that sucks and is painful and slow, on the other hand I am trying to be thankful that I can come back, that I can try to run again.   

I am not giving up.  Square zero is a tale of a girl who could have just happily sat on the couch and continued to watch Criminal Minds reruns (Shemar Moore, insert drool here) as she had for the past 2.5 months, but who instead decided to use this to make a change.  I am going to build myself back up, I will run a marathon again, and in the process maybe I should learn some other healthy lifestyle tips.  Like the fact that normal people can't eat an entire jar of peanut butter in one setting (weaklings) and that adding milk to Funfetti cake mix and eating it by the bowlful is amazing, unhealthy, delicious, worrisome.  Apparently when you stop working out for months your diet shouldn't be the same as when you were marathon training.  Whoops.  Not my fault, I am pretty sure my mother fed my sugar in the womb because I am sure my love of sugar qualifies as a long term relationship.  Hello my name is Abby and I am a Sweets Addict.  Cupcakes, yummm.  

So here it is - I am a 30 year old with a full time job trying to find time to squeeze it in and get it back together.  Along the way (read over 2 months playing in front of a computer on doctor ordered "rest") I discovered some fitness/running blogs that motivated and amused me & cooked about a million Pinterest recipes, mostly all desserts.  So I decided if I can motivate or amuse anyone along my journey to get back on track and make healthier decisions then why not.  Here goes nothing from square zero to….  


  1. Pretty inspiring stuff. Injuries are always tough, but you're back in the game!

    And, I don't know how you watch Criminal Minds, when Law & Order is so readily available :)

    1. I think I overdosed on Law & Order in college. 4 years of it being on nonstop.

  2. I never thought about cake mix as a snack...hmmm...

    You are fantastic, and I'm so glad you decided to re-enter the running/fitness world (running gets its own spot). The blog world is a better place with you in it!

    1. Oh my gosh, that is what the old me misses the most. Box of Funfetti cake mix, little bit of milk poured in, stir until it becomes doughy, eat by the spoonful.
      And thanks... I like the blog world with you in it too.


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