Bucket List

Lately it seems all my bucket list cravings are trips revolving around exercise.  Maybe that is a great sign pointing to the fact that working out has become a big part of my daily life - even my biggest travel wishes involve some type of physical activity.  However, unfortunately they are also way out of budget so they are cravings at best. 

In no particular order:
New Orleans Marathon - I love history, architecture, beautiful old cities, and FOOD.  Seems like a perfect stop for me.  I'd eventually like to run something in NYC & Boston (because I've never been to either), Chicago, and somewhere on the West Coast.  This is my new favorite way to travel and really the only way I can justify any form of travel on my teacher's salary - one marathon a year.
Hike the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim - I've read that people in decent shape can hike the entire Grand Canyon route, about 23 miles, in about 8-12 hours.  I've never been out west, and what better way to see it.  Gorgeous views that you could only see by making the hike, but also rough with huge elevation and temperature changes - a good challenge. 
Bike Tour of Tuscany - I went to Italy once for a week long course over spring break my freshman year of college.  I fell in love with Tuscany and always vowed to go back.  However, it has been a dozen years and I have yet to make it anywhere out of the states again.  When I do go what better way to see it than to bike though the gorgeous countryside.  To get to see parts of Tuscany that you would not otherwise. 
Hike & Zip Line the Costa Rican Rain Forest - The idea of going to see the rainforest is both enticing, exciting, and awe inspiring.  I have heard amazing things about Costa Rica and would love to wander my way through the rain forest on hikes and even fly threw on zip line.  How gorgeous it would be! 


  1. I am SO with you on the New Orleans Marathon. I lived there fro a LONG time and want to visit again. Why not do it running, RIGHT?

    1. That's my new excuse for everything. I cannot justify travel with my budget so I let myself do on marathon trip a year, all to places I've never been.
      Last year Disney, this year DC, next New Orleans.

  2. I would love to hike the Grand Canyon. I was there last summer (day trip from Vegas) and it was amazing. One day I'll get to do it!

    1. I've never seen it. Was it gorgeous?
      What an amazing way to check it out though, hiking would be so fun and yet challenging.


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