Websites I Love -
My FitnessPal - I count calories.  I always try to stick to 1,600 a day to keep myself on track.  I am not saying everyone should count calories, but it is what works for me.  This website is a life saver, tons of foods, and super easy to use.  Plus I have it as an iPhone app too, for when I am not home.  Seriously, one of the best things I have ever done for my health.
Map My Run - I don't have any of those fancy running GPS thingies, so I always plan out a route before I go.  It is easy to use, and in truth I am the type who loves to know exactly how far I am running.
Pinterest & SkinnyTaste - Great way to find healthy recipes or normal recipes and make them healthier yourself.

GoodReads - Mental health is important too.  After my crazy days I like to decompress with a book in bed before I fall asleep.  This is where I find new books, check out book reviews, and save all the books I want to read in one place so that I'll remember them. 

Blogs I Follow -
MamaLaughlin - One woman's journey to drop the weight post baby.  While I have not had a baby, I have gained weight and wanted to drop it. She is funny, inspirational, and real.  The type of person you could see yourself wanting to grab dinner and hang out with. Check it out!
Run, Eat, Repeat & Losing Weight in the City- I like that these girls are both runners who can still admit their lust for food and have at times struggled with weight like I have.  I also love that they didn't start out as amazing runners, but have busted their butts to improve and are constantly getting better.  They are great role models for me because I see a bit of myself in both of them.  Love checking out what they are eating, where and how fast they are running, and like their style of writing. 
SkinnyRunnerSweat Once a Day - Both sites are runners who could kick my butt and then dismantle it into small pieces.  160 miles a week, 3 hour marathons, yikes!  However, it is nice to know there are girls out there doing it. 
CarrotsnCake - I like that she is a runner who is also really into cross fit and share a lot about that.  I am trying to get more into cross training to make myself stronger so she is great inspiration.  Plus I love that she shares a lot about what she eats, how she lives, etc.
Jennsylvania- Nothing to do with running, and not updated as frequently, but this author cracks me up.  I love her personality.  A friend of mine read the books and said she sounds like me, maybe that's why I love her, HA!  Check it out for some mental health.  


  1. Abby, you know that Jen Lacaster is a Pi Phi don't you?! It makes me like her books even more!

    1. I know and not just a Pi Phi, a hilarious Pi Phi from Indiana. Seems so similar to so many girls I know;)


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