Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vacation Recap - Babes, Food, Friends, Family, & a Bit of Running

Sorry I've been MIA for a week.
I flew into Indy and was greeted by my favorite little guy at the airport.
My nephew Jackson is 13 months old
and very unhappy that his daddy forgot his lamby for the car ride.
My run streak was still going, but my brother could tell I didn't want to leave my nephew...
so they all came with.
Amanda, my sister-in-law, was fabulous
and worked really hard to cook healthy food for me.
She figured out the calories and this whole meal had less than 350.
Happy Baby.
Jack in the box!
Guess that would make this a -
Jack Out of The Box
Delicious tapas bar called Barcelona -
I pretty much ruined the healthy eating on my own.
I only go to Indy once a year so I splurged and binged like crazy.
Bad Abby.  Back on track this week.
However, luckily my friend and I took a 5 mile walk along the canal
in downtown Indy (too full to run) afterwards.
The canal was built after I moved so I have never really seen it - Gorgeous!
I spent my days babysitting wild man. 
He would like you all to know that while a mud/obstacle race
 is on my fitness bucket list,
he already dominated the Tough Mudder.
1st in his age group.
Plus, while I have absolutely no flexibility at all,
he rocks some baby yoga.
Downward facing dog anyone?
I made my delicious strawberries for 4th of July.
Find the recipe here.  
And hoped my sister-in-law's family would't think she was beating me up.
Rugby injury - a cleat mark that lasted all week.
On Thursday I took them out to dinner - a great Greek place
with garlic, feta, double cooked fries.  Amazing!
Then we walked along the Monon Trail in Broadripple,
(A very cute area, I suggest you visit.)
and stopped to get ice cream.
They had 36 flavors.  How was a girl to choose...
Lots of samples first ;)
On the way home Jackson showed us a hilarious new trick -
He can stick his toes in his mouth.
He thought he was the funniest guy ever, especially when his mom told him to stop
I woke up early my last day there for a run with Dempsey.
Then we went to the Indianapolis Zoo.
It made someone very happy!
His daddy (my brother) even ran, well probably sprinted (he is way faster than me),
over on his lunch break  to see us.
We cooled off with some ice cream.
My healthy eating went all out the window this week.
Saw some more animals.
And wore somebody out.
Then, my best friends from high school came and got me
 and the three of us spent the night at her
unairconditioned, yet gorgeous, house in the country.
My noon, 100+ degree run.  Yikes!
Really peaceful though.  I could count the cars that passed on 1 hand.
Sunscreen soaked Abby among the cornfields.
I was there while Indy set a record for most 100+ days in a row.  Uggghhhhh
And I wonder why I don't have nice things....
Like band aids that look like bacon.

Home safe, back to blogging, how did you all do this week?
Good workouts?
Better 4th of July food?
Let me know.

Runner's World Summer Run Streak -  
Day 35 = 2 miles 
Day 36 = 1 mile (plus 5 mile walk)
Day 37 = 2 miles
Day 38 = 2 miles (plus hour long Piloxing class)
Total Miles Run = 135.5

LosingAMarathon Weight Loss Challenge Update -
Starting Weight 163
Week 1 = 162.8
Week 2 = 161.5 - I didn't get to run lots last week, but when I weighed in Monday morning I was down.  I was actually expecting this because I did great eating all last week and stayed right at my calorie goal.
Week 3 weigh in tomorrow  = This is going to be ugly.  I am sure I gained back all that weight on vacation.  Guess I know when I struggle.  However, I am reminding myself that I can come back stronger, use what I have learned, and still lose 13 pounds in 13 weeks.

*Plus I just found out I am now a SweatPink Ambassador which means more networking with great people.  Time for me to check them out with a blog hop.  Want to look too?  Peak at the blog hop here maybe you'll find more great motivating, inspiring people.


  1. What a cutie Jackson is! Looks like you had a fantastic week! Great job keeping the streak alive.

    1. Thanks, it was hard to leave him (I am the obsessed aunt) so I am very glad I stuck to it and finished the streak.

  2. Looks like you had a great vacation! You got some beautiful pictures! Congrats on the run streak!!!

    1. Thanks. It is hard to take good pics with just my phone & no camera so you calling them beautiful makes me feel fabulous!

  3. Congrats on Sweating Pink!

    1. Thanks. I'm excited to network with more awesome people.

  4. OMG Jackson is adorable :) what a cutie pie!

    1. I think he is the cutest baby ever, but that is because I am such The Crazy Aunt. Glad you think he is a cutie too.

  5. Looks like a great vacation! Congrats on being chosen for Sweat Pink!

    1. Thanks. It was a wonderful vacation and I am excited about having a new group of great motivators.

  6. We had so much fun with you! Can't wait to see you in less than a month!

    1. I am very excited. Coooper River Bridge here we come:)


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