Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Time I Chickened Out

Went to Lululemon (LOVE!)  

*All model pictures are from their site.

Really wanted this tank,
but was too self conscious to try it on.
So I found a somewhat similar style, but with a bit more coverage.

I had trouble picking between black and the blue patterned, but went with the blue.
I loved the long length of this tank and the cool detailing on the back.
However, unlike the model I will never be wearing a matching bra,
some days I'm just lucky to find matching socks.
I love my Run: A Marathon Crop so much that I got it in the short version.
It still has the same great deep pockets and zip key holder.
Now, it's time to pray I have finally found a pair of shorts that won't give me chub rub.  Fingers crossed guys!
I also splurged and got another pair of crops.
They didn't have the Marathon in my size,
 so I decided to try the Run: Nothing to Hide Crop.
I love that it has the same deep pockets and really like the fold over waist band.
Too bad it doesn't have a zip key pocket.
However, while I found great clothes
(My reward for finishing the Run Streak was supposed to be one pair of pants, whoops!)
I totally wussed out on my other goal.
The first time I went into Lululemon opening weekend I feel in LOVE.
Loved how cute, comfortable, and functional the clothes were,
 and loved how friendly and helpful the salespeople were.
I knew this was a group I wanted to somehow be a part of...
then I found out they have Lululemon Ambassadors.
Dream come true.  Right?
I applied, but never heard anything back.
I figured talking to people at the store was the way to go
(since ambassadors are location specific and chosen at the local store level).

I was ready....
I went on a Tuesday at 11:30 so the store wouldn't be as busy
Wore my favorite LuLulemon crops and mint green tank.
Carried my brand new blog business cards in my purse.
Was a fabulous customer buying 2 shirts, shorts, and a pair of crops.
But, did I mention anything to anyone about my application or my desire to be an ambassador - No!
You guessed it,
I totally chickened out.
Now what?
What would you all do if you were in my situation?  Help!

However, I did get a pretty walk around downtown out of it and
lunch at one of my favorite healthier places, Taziki's.
I had a Greek Salad Gyro add grilled chicken with fresh fruit as my side.
Then I stopped and got fro-yo to drown my sorrows.
Mostly nonfat no sugar added coconut with a bit of strawberry on top.
It's covered in blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, coconut, a few yogurt raisins, plus one piece each of: brownie, cookie dough, and reeses cup.

Then when I got home I had a surprise waiting.
A box of Vega Energizing Smoothies.
I cannot wait to bust into these.
You can all look forward to a review
and the chance to win your very own box next week:)


  1. the ambassador thing takes awhile. from what i have seen hear it really has to do with people who are involved in any events the store throws and are very active in the community.

  2. Abby, I chicken out on stuff like that ALL THE TIME. At some point, you'll do it and it will be awesome!

    I really, really like how open you are to advertising and sharing your experiences. I'm becoming a bit of a Back at Square Zero Addict :-)

    BTW - I love your concentrated face in the changerooms :-P

    1. Thanks Kate.
      I am the worst at taking self portraits so I have to really think about it. Hence, crazy face:)

  3. I applied for a lulu ambassadorship too. I've chatted with the girls multiple times and have a friend who is an ambassador. It takes time especially for a new store. They may have their ambassadors for this year already. Super cute choices! I love all my lulu gear!

    1. Isn't Lulu the best. I am glad to know I am not the only one lusting after an ambassadorship.

  4. The long pink tank - I think I NEED that! Love LuLu's newest additions! So cute!

    I just did a review of the Vega Protein and I LOVE IT!

    1. You do need it, or maybe in the super cut light purple color. So adorable.

      I read your review and it has given me some ideas for mix ins that might be good.

  5. I'm now following you on twitter!

    1. Thanks Shelby.
      You should add that to my Mizuno giveaway page
      It would enter you for 2 changes to win:)

  6. Ooh, I love lululemon so much. Their running clothes are fantastic.

    I'm really looking forward to hearing about the Vega smoothies. (I'm a smoothie addict.) Do you think when you write up the review you could include some nutrition information (like how much protein it has per serving)? :)

    1. For sure Beth. I'll snap some label pictures to include in my review.

  7. I went to lululemon's for the first time when I went to CO last month. And they didn't have the no limits tank available in store when i went :( He told me to look online. I did however buy another nice tank w/ cool straps on the back. I am sure it will give me nifty tan lines. But they are definitely not made for high impact wear.

  8. I love them for my nice slow runs, which is pretty much most of my long runs:)

  9. We just got a Lululemon store here in Albuquerque, so exciting! Love their clothes. Great reward for your Run Streak!

    I use the Vega Protein Powder, but haven't tried their smoothies, so I'll be interested to see your review. Maybe I'll have to try them out.

    1. Our Lulu store is brand new too. Only a month old.

      I am trying the smoothies out all week and then will be doing a review and giveaway next week.

  10. I'm such a Lululemon girl too! LOVE their stuff. My bikram yoga instructor has the same top that she wears to teach - it looks amazing on her but I'd feel a bit self conscious lol.

    I'd love to be an ambassador too but it's something I think I need to work on a little more. Good luck!

    1. It's something I have to work on a lot more too.
      Good luck to both of us!


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