Saturday, June 23, 2012

Do these vitamins make my butt look big?

I am the absolute worst about remembering to take vitamins.  So when they came out with a million types of gummy vitamins I jumped straight onto the bandwagon.  I don't need a cup or water to take them and they taste delicious so my sweet tooth always reminds me to get them.  I was taking my pill vitamins maybe twice a week, these I never miss.
I even have to hold myself to eating only the serving size otherwise I would OD on gummy vitamins.  (Is that even possible?...hmmm)

I take all these plus their Omega 3.  That 8 yummy gummies a day.  

However, now that I am doing this weight loss challenge I have been really counting my calories and I discovered I eat 70 calories a day in gummy vitamins.  WTF!  Are you kidding me?  I am consuming over 2,000 gummy vitamin calories a month.  Holy crap!  I did the math and that is about 7 vitamin pounds a year. Really?  I might as well be eating a bag of gummy bears!  Yikes.

And to think all this time I thought I couldn't lose those last couple pounds because I am addicted to desserts and cheeses, nope turns out it was the darn gummy vitamins.  Ahhhhh...

Okay, in all seriousness though I really don't need an extra 2,000 calories a month.  Do any of you have vitamins you like?  I hate taking lots, but I want a multivitamin, some extra C, lots of calcium, and maybe some Omega 3 stuff.  Do you know of any brand that has a great pill covering all these?

Runner's World Summer Run Streak-
Day 27 = 7 mile run + 1 mile walk 
Total Miles Run = 104 (Woohoo over 100 for the streak!)
It was so hot.  Over 90 degrees.
Valuable lesson - When you wake up at 8 to run...
don't sit around reading blogs until 10:30 or you'll sweat to death!
LosingAMarathon Update-
Had a great breakfast & healthy lunch.  I was really craving something sweet for dessert though so I had my fruit and yogurt in smoothie form and this satisfied my craving while convincing my body I got a shake.  Gotta work hard tonight as I am helping host a party with a ton of food. 
My favorite Greek yogurt so far +
strawberries & ice = faking out my sweet tooth 


  1. Fiber Gummies are the best! Be safe running, don't want you to get heat stroke!

    1. Don't worry I went slow and survived.

  2. I've yet to find something that will do everything you want in one pill. :( So yes, you either wind up chewing a handful of tasty extra calories, or you wind up swallowing a handful of annoying pills.

    1. Well darn. I guess it is time to switch to annoying pills.

  3. hahahahah, LOVE the title of this post!

    1. Thanks. My small attempt to be funny.

  4. I have a multivitamin that is CVS brand (I didn't want to shell out the $$ for the name brand kind) that is called Daily Women's Active that "supports mental and physical well being" and is supposed to be good for women who exercise a lot and are active. It has all the usual vitamins and I have never had any problems with it!

    1. Thanks Chelsea. I practically live right next door to CVS. I'll have to check it out.


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