Friday, June 1, 2012

Best Intentions

Sometimes even the best laid plans don't work out.  When I was killing the run streak at the beginning of the week I was so proud and very hopeful.  I was squeezing runs in on days they wouldn't normally fit and making great progress.  I was on track to have my highest mileage week of 2012 (post injury), 35-40 for sure.  Then I started to fell sick, "No big deal I need one rest day a week," I thought.  However, today was even worse.  After extra sleep and multiple naps yesterday and today I am still not myself and had to push it hard, while feeling awful, just to get 1 mile in in order to keep the streak going.
At first I was very discouraged about this let down.  T probably got more, "Poor me I'm sick" and "Boohoo, this run sucked!" texts than she really wanted.  However, I quickly snapped out of it.  I forced myself to think about the positive - I'm not injured anymore so as soon as I am over this I can run again.  I made myself be rational - Everyone gets sick, you're body needs to rest to get over it so slow down, take a nap, and stop your complaining.  I took a very slow, but nice walk back to my place and allowed myself to enjoy the pretty night, the warm breeze, and the nice views.  Now I've cancelled bowling with the girls and am curling up on my couch to fall asleep watching a movie.  Rest & Recovery here I come, and next week, next week you better watch out because it's on!
Pictures from my walk tonight:
Does this make me walk further away from the pond?
No, I get real close to try and see if I can find any alligators.
Not very bright.
Didn't see any.
Good thing because I'm not really sure what I'd do if I did.
After 8 years down here Spanish Moss still intrigues me.
Very expensive houses.
Pond/marsh view out their front door and a marsh view out the back.
C's favorite.  So large I couldn't fit it all in one picture.
It keeps going off on both sides and unless I wanted to be in the alligator pond this is all you get.
My favorite!
It has a tin roof, which I love.
The type of house I'd actually prefer.
I hate cleaning and a big old place like the ones above just would not work.
I think this one in a different part of the neighborhood is super cute.
Let's just replace the car out front with mine.
Actually I'm very happy with my little old apartment turned condo.
However, one day when I do move to a house...
I hope it has Live Oak lined streets like this.
Suddenly things started to get dark, a cold breeze started, and clouds began rolling in.
I had to walk back a bit faster to avoid the rain clouds.
Too bad though because on clear nights ...
the sunset over the marsh is spectacular!
*Last 2 photos by C. 
Runner's World Summer Run Streak-
Day 5 = 1 mile (plus walked 4)
Total Run Miles = 18 miles 

P.S.- Found this great piece today and I LOVE it.  Probably because I was that girl.  I NEVER made eye contact with anyone when I started running because I was so embarrassed and worried about how they would judge me.  Now I look at every runner not matter size, shape, or age and happily smile or wave when I pass them.  The whole time thinking - way to go - no matter how slow or how fast you run, jog, or walk it beats sitting on the couch.

How have you changed since you started running, walking, spinning, etc?


  1. Glad you are giving yourself a rest. Nice pics btw!


    1. I think it was a good thing. I'm feeling a bit better today, but still going to take it easy.
      I appreciate the compliment;)


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