Thursday, June 7, 2012

Free Shirt Giveaway!

Want to run in style?
Now you can.... for free.
Get excited because - 
It's time for BackAtSquareZero's first giveaway.

Who doesn't love new running clothes?
I know I own more exercise clothes than normal clothes at this point in my life 
and here is a chance to win more.  

To be eligible you must:
1. Be a follower.  If you aren't already - On the right hand side where it says followers click join.  I promise it won't spam you with anything.
2. Go to BackAtSquareZero's shirt shop by clicking on this link.  It is also a permanent tab at the top of the page.
3. Pick out a shirt.  If you win which one will you choose?
4. Leave a comment on the blog telling me which one you'd pick & why?
*Make sure that if your comments are set to Anonymous you leave your name on each comment so I can track you down if you win.

For Up to 3 Bonus Chances:
Pin this giveaway on Pinterest by hitting the Pin It button below.
Comment on the blog letting me know you did this.

Follow BackAtSquareZero on Facebook.  
Comment on the blog letting me know when you are a follower or that you already are.  

Follow @BackAtSquare0 on Twitter.
Copy, paste, and retweet the following:
"Free Shirt Giveaway @BackAtSquareZero #freebie"
Comment on the blog letting me know when your a follower who retweeted.

*That is up to 3 extra comments for 3 extra chances to win.  Winner will be drawn at random from blog comments
While we are on 3s...
Giveaway ends in 3 days.  Sunday night at 10 Eastern time.

Contest Over


  1. I am here for the Food! In red, Large, for my husband, as he supports me as i begin walking for better health.

  2. Tweet the Pin: Free Running Tee Giveaway. Are you entered?

  3. Pinned: Okay, got my 3 entries in. LOL, wish me luck!

  4. I joined, pinned it and fb'd it!!! I heart running!!

  5. I LOVE pink! Pinned it on pinterest as well! Plan to get my pink shoes to match pink shirt! (accidently made a comment on your husk blog about the shirt).


  6. Love the brave crazy strong determined one in a size Lrg. I think all these words describe me in one way or another and I love it!!!

    1. Forgot my name so I will do my e-mail

    2. Pinned, Liked on FB.
      Favorite is the "It does a body good" because I have seen changes in my body not only in weight but as a whole.

  7. I tweeted "Free Shirt Giveaway @BackAtSquareZero #freebie" on Twitter :)

  8. Loves of fun shirts. I like the Yellow, Running - Does A Body Good shirt. I also like the I heart running shirt in pink (I am motivating myself this summer to get back into far so good)

    1. Realized I had a typo...I meant Lots not loves...haha

  9. I am also following you on facebook :)

  10. I would love this in pink. It inspires me on my new journey :) and in a XL

    "brave crazy strong determined "


    1. my name didnt show up but Im thee comment above and I pinned ya too :)

  11. I pinned, followed and liked:)

    "It's Not How You Start, It's How You Finish"
    Sleeveless tank.

  12. I like I'm Here for the Free Food in Forest Green, size L

  13. I pinned it on pinterest and def I'm here for the free food ....wonder what that says about me.

  14. I'm here for the free food in Med grey

  15. I would pick the I heart running in Raspberry! Super cute! Kim


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