Sunday, June 10, 2012


So I know I went on about it a bit yesterday as I was super excited about my first ever Lululemon visit.  (I have since found out that everyone except me knew about Lulu.  Late to the party as usual.)  
Well now it's time to tell it like it is.  I took my new purchases on a 8 mile run to see how they held up, and the review is in. 
Run: A Marathon Crops
Run: Tame Me Tank
Headband (that didn't slip the entire time)
I had been on a never ending quest to find capris I could run in that would fit over my curvy hips without falling off my nonexistent butt.  I finally broke down and bought a pair each of Nike & Reebok capris last week and they seemed better than anything I'd ever owned before.  I was pretty happy.  However, the Nike's were almost too tight below the knees, but I thought maybe that is just because when most people run their legs get leaner, but mine hulk up like I'm on 'roids.  (You'd think I vacationed with the Jersey Shore cast.)  The Reebok pair are beyond cute and comfy, but apparently (according to my rugby team) after running around for an hour I have more camel toe than the Sahara.  They were good, but there had to be something better out there.  Right?

Enter Lulu's Run: A Marathon Crop.  I am in love.  After a great 8 miler they stayed perfectly put, fit great, looked cute and had tons of amazing features.  I loved the zip pocket for my house key and the pockets on the side = Amazing! At first when the salesgirl pointed the pockets out I totally ignored her thinking... "When am I going to fill my pockets up and run?"  Apparently… All the time!  I never take anything with me on my runs, but that is because I don't have anywhere to put it.  I carried my big old iPhone with me today (which would make my dad feel way better about my running safety) to see how the pockets worked.  I tucked it in a side pocket and expected it to bounce around so much it would pull my pants down on that one side.  Nope.  The phone stayed perfectly put for all 8 miles.  Heaven.
I seriously called T as soon as I was finished with my run to tell her I found the pants I am running our marathon in and that they have pockets.  I'm super excited I can carry my phone, key, ID, credit card, and a bit of cash with me without having to try and wear some fanny pack type thing.  Woohoo!  Plus they fit great, stay put, and don't give me toes like dessert animals.

I am in absolute love and pretty sure I will never buy another type of running capris.  I may go Lulu bankrupt! (P.S.- The tank rocked too.  It was comfortable & adorable.)

Runner's World Summer Run Streak -
Day 14 = 8 miles (+ 1 mile cool down walk)
Total Miles Run = 57.5
My trail route today.
All you Lululemon fans out there... What else do I need from them?


  1. That top is so darn cute! Have you tried any of under armors stuff? LOVE. Theres the new outlet too at tanger!

    1. I have an under armor shirt, but that is all. Is there anything special of theirs you would suggest?


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