Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ouch! Help...

I finished up my teaching job yesterday, have a conference on Wednesday, and start my summer teaching job Friday.  I could be mad that while many of my teacher friends have the summer off relaxing, beaching, fitting in workouts whenever they want, I'll be teaching.  However, in case you haven't realized it yet - I'm a glass half full type of girl.  Actually that's not true, I'm a - If you only give me half a glass I'll just fill it up the rest of the way myself type girl.  Boom!  Full glass.  So instead of pouting I enjoyed today by sleeping in until 8:00, making a delicious breakfast parfait, and then squeezing in a 4 mile morning run while it was still nice and cool.  Side note: On nice mornings like this the only part of me that sweats is my elbows.  What?  How random is that.  I'll be perfectly fine yet have sweat dripping in pools off my elbows, weirdest thing ever.
cup Yoplait Fat Free Light Very Vanilla C left at my place,
1/4 cup Low Fat Special K Granola,
cup of raspberries & blackberries
Then I played around, had leftover chicken enchiladas and berries for lunch, napped, made a Shutterfly photo album,  cleaned up the house condo, played around some more (Aren't days off amazing?), and made dinner before heading to rugby practice.
2 Tbsp. Trader Joe's Chipolte hummus
with fresh tomato slices & green beans.
One Arnold 100 calorie sandwich thin -
half with a Laughing Cow cheese wedge,
the other with 1 Tbsp Better 'N Peanut Butter
We ran a mile before practice, practiced for about an hour and 15 minutes, and then T and I ran 2 more miles after.  How do I feel about all this?  Ouch!  This Run Streak is getting me good, boy am I sore.
Apparently I picked sore, whoops!
I know that tons of people use sticks, rollers, etc. to help with the soreness and it might be time for me to cave in and get one because I am sure it will only increase when I start marathon training in July.  (Also, it might help if I stretched for more than 30 seconds post run, ever.)  However, I'm not sure what to get.  Do any of you use stuff to help with sore or tight muscles?  If so what works for you.  Please let me know.  I'd love the feedback/help.
A roller with crazy things sticking off it?
A smooth roller?
Or a stick?  Hmmmm....
Runner's World Summer Run Streak-
Day 9 - 7 miles (plus rugby practice)
Total Miles Run - 34.5 


  1. I love your attitude! Way to fill your glass :)

  2. I use the stick...and stretch pretty well after all my runs. I bought the Stick at the expo for the Bridge Run this year, and I love it! Definitely feel like it helps. My roommate has a foam roller, but I haven't tried it yet.

    I use the small red one, and I think it's big enough to get all the leg muscles, and your back if you're flexible or have an awesome friend...haha.

    1. Good to know. One of the rugby girls has an extra foam roller she is going to give me on Tuesday. However, I'm not sure if that will be enough pressure. If not I'm getting a stick for sure.


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