Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fat Kid Food Heaven

T & I went to lunch in downtown Charleston at Husk.
It's been written up by pretty much every food magazine lately.
We got to sit on the upstairs patio on a gorgeous day!
Our view of the buildings....
and the street traffic while we ate was fun.
However, we were there for a reason.
My parents went on a burger quest and decided this was the best in town.
We had to try.
Amazing.  I think they may have been right!
Luckily I had gotten in a 4 mile run & 4 mile walk on the trail early.
(Wanted to run it all, but had a pounding headache.)
Which I am sure only burnt off a few of those delicious cheese smothered calories.
However, I believe that even though I eat healthy normally
sometimes you must be able to enjoy the more fattening parts of life.
So I busted my butt and stuck to my calories M-W to prepare for it.
Runner's World Summer Run Streak-
Day 11 = 4 miles (+ 4 mile walk)
Total Miles Run = 42.5
Where is the best burger you've ever eaten?


  1. I agree...Husk has delicious burgers!

  2. I tried 5 Guys Friday. It was good, but not as great as all the hype. Still haven't had "the best burger ever," but that doesn't stop me from trying!

    1. I tried that a couple months ago for the first time too. Good, ad awesome that you can pick and choose tons of toppings. However, not as amazing as I had heard.


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