Sunday, June 17, 2012

I'm Famous, Where's the Rich

Today was one of those crazy, busy, hilarious wonderful days. 
I woke up and could barely get myself out of bed (snooze button Queen) after such a busy day yesterday.  Then I puttered around the house playing on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter while eating breakfast. 

After that I was off for a run.  Wow!  Everything just clicked.  This was one of those runs that makes you remember why you became a runner in the first place.  I kept pushing it, a bit faster, than a little more, and my body happily agreed.   By far the best run I have had in almost 5 months since my injury.  What a ridiculously amazing feeling.  People riding, walking, and running on the trail might have actually been crazy/stupid enough to mistakenly think I am fast.  I was am on such a runner's high.
The whole time I ran I couldn't stop thinking about how much I love running and even imagining all the races I'd do if I wasn't a poor teacher, with crazy grad school loans, who is only given three personal days a year.  Really… It is almost dangerous for me to have great runs because the whole time I am running my brain is spending thousands of dollars I don't have to go have more great run in other places.    

FYI My Imaginary Run List Compliled During Today's Run:
*If I were rich not poor this would be my fall/winter race schedule.
  See why having good runs can give me bad ideas. 
10/06/2012 - Isle of Palms Connector Run 10K = Actually Registered
10/28/2012 - Marine Corp Marathon =  Actually Registered
11/03/2012 - Savannah RnR Half Marathon - Nearby would be fun (Maybe possible)
11/18/2012 - Big Sur Marathon - Right next to my Oma's house & right before here 90th birthday (totally cannot afford)
12/08/2012 = Kiawah Island Half Marathon - Hope to do this if it doesn't conflict with our big rugby tourney (Maybe possible)
01/12&13/2013 = Go Goofy at Disney - Half & Full Back to Back - How cool would it be to go back to the sight of my first marathon where I look at all those Goody runners with such admiration and do it myself? (totally cannot afford)
01/19/2013 = Charleston Half Marathon - So close, hope the dates on this one work out so I can do it again (Maybe possible)
02/24/2013 = New Orleans RnR Marathon - this will get done in 2013 for sure, but I'd would love to do it before then (totally cannot afford)
04/06/2013 = Cooper River Bridge Run 10K = Actually Registered
Big Sur
How much cooler would my runs be if I had money?  Amazing right?  I would love to have the above schedule.  Great runs are both a blessing and a curse because they get me thinking about things like this.  Time to find a corporate sponsor.  Think any running/fitness companies want to sponsor a perfectly average speed runner?  Maybe I'll find a sugar daddy.  Hey Mr. Hefner.  I am a 5'10, blue eyed, blonde.  Sorry though Hugh, I refuse to take off my clothes in magazines and there is no way I am kissing a dud older than my grandparents, but can I still get a couple grand?  Thanks.
Then after that running high I can home to find out I'm famous (minus the rich part).  Well… almost famous.  I had a new Twitter follower with a weird name Jogging in Jeans.  Who the hell jogs in jeans?  How stupid and uncomfortable.  Those people must be idiots.  Out of curiosity I clicked on their blog.  HA!  Are you kidding me… I was the front page story.  Too funny.  I guess crazy, ridiculous people like me run in jeans.  Enough that there is a whole blog about it and she gave me a pretty glowing shout out.  Does this mean I have a  fan?  I knew there was 1 somewhere out there.  How funny to randomly stumble upon a whole piece about myself on another website.  This must be what the Kardashians feel like.  Fame can be tricky.   
Then it was off to a joint fundraising event for my rugby team and the SPCA, home to cook delicious food (more great recipes to come this week), and True Blood time (not enough Alcide - Boo).  

Runner's World Summer Run Streak -
Day 21 = 8 miles (wanted to do more, but had to leave for the fundraiser)
Total Miles Run = 82


  1. Haha! Awesome job at the jogging in jeans mention (and the running streak! Wow!)

    1. Thanks. I can't believe it's been 3 straight weeks. Very excited.


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