Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Day in the Life

Since I know you're all convinced I lay around all day watching made-for-TV movies and eating dark chocolate dipped strawberries while being fanned by my pool boy - Here it is: A Day in the Life
I start off with a healthy breakfast before work.
When I was in my crazy yo-yo phase before I started making healthy choices I'd skip breakfast to try and lose weight.  Stupid idea.
Chobani vanilla, berries, and just a bit of granola on top for crunch.
I'm currently teaching a summer enrichment course from 8 - 4 every day.
It is on learning math & technology through sports.
Means I get to dress like this instead of wearing my normal teacher clothes, but also that my class is 90%  eight and nine year old boys.  Exhausting.
(P.S.- Brand new phone still working on the self portrait thing.)
I have a 30 minute break, by the time I drive there, between school and class.
Stopped at Starbucks to study.
I allow myself one or two frappaccinos a month.
Mocha grande, nonfat milk, no whip - Turns out everyone was ordering this the same way so now I'm just supposed to call it a "Mocha Light"
For only 130 calories it makes me happy and doesn't push me past my calorie count.
Moderation, not exclusion.
Night class from 5-8
Spanish 101.
Lots of my students and their parents speak it.  Trying to brush up.
Home for a quick run.  They are shorter on M & W because of class.
Still loving my purple Mizuno Wave Creations.
Then time to check and update my blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
Yikes- In case you can't tell I have 49 tabs open at once (I just counted).
Then to Google -
"Why has my cat turned into a demon who is suddenly peeing on my stuff?"
Look innocent doesn't she?
Eight years and she has never done this before, great new trick:(
However, knowing the searches that have led people to my page recently :
Fat Kid Eating Cake
Nude Bathroom & Nude Washroom
Farmers Having Bad Day
Binge Eat Every Night + Unhappy with Job
Girls Getting Thong Pulled Up
How do I make my cream cheese frosting sniffer?
Chances are I'll probably just end up back at my own blog.
Really?  Craziness!
Then to bed early earlier than my usual midnight because I am feeling kinda sick (sore throat) and I have to squash that now as I get to see my favorite dude for the first time in months on Sunday.  
Runner's World Summer Run Streak - 
Day 31 = 1.5 miles
Total Miles Run = 122.5

LosingA Marathon Weight Loss Challenge Update -
Stayed right at my calorie goal each of the last 3 days, plus squeezed in some workouts.  Fingers crossed that my hard work pays off.  


  1. I love Mizunos!!

    I hope your kitty doesn't have kidney issues...

    1. I am a Mizuno addict. Glad you love them too.
      And I hope she is not sick too, but she seems to be doing it on purpose. Like sneaking into my room when I am not looking to pee on stuff. Not like an accident. Hmmm... maybe she's mad at me.

    2. Wolfey went through a phase of peeing all over the house when I was fostering. Kids moved out, Wolfey miraculously reverted to the house broken dog I know and love. I'm thinking kitty is upset with something. Maybe that you're home less than normal? Maybe that your stinky roommate is leaving her living space sub par?

    3. I think she is mad too. I just don't know what to do to make her a happy kitty so she will stop.

  2. I think that we all at some point thought that skipping breakfast everyday would make us miraculously skinny. Sigh, it did the opposite. I honestly hate breakfast so that's the hardest part of my day.

    49 open tabs? I'm pretty sure my computer would burst into flames...

    How do you know what people are searching to find your page?

    1. I don't have that problem, I LOVE all food. Too much probably.
      My computer runs very slow, but it better get used to it because I have tons of blogs to keep up with:)
      I find all the crazy searches that bring people to my page through Blogger. I click on stats, then traffic sources, then scroll all the way to the bottom.
      Today people who were looking for "scary water park" found my page instead. Surprise!


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