Monday, June 11, 2012

Reasons I Should Be Institutionalized

I was trying to think of one word to use in order to describe my run tonight to you.  I toyed with determined, thought about dedicated, realized stubborn was closer to the truth and end up with - Regoshdarndiculous! 

I realize that sometimes I walk the tightrope between stubborn and just plain stupid.  Well tonight I took a tightrope misstep and plummeted off into idiocy.
I left for work at 7am, went straight to night class, and didn't get home until 8:00 tonight.  I started to feel kind of crummy today, but by this afternoon it was official - I felt (still feel actually) terrible.  I arrived home with a pounding headache, a super sore throat, and was just generally exhausted.  All I wanted to do was crawl into bed.  However, I've already made it through 2 straight weeks of the summer run streak and I wasn't ready to quit.
The nasty Charleston weather today.
Enter a decision that takes things from sick, to stupid, to insane.  I decided I'd have to run right away when I get home.  No, not like pretty soon.  Like if I walk in the door, change clothes, stop to take any medicine, etc. it will be the end of me.  I will not make it back out the door because I feel too much like old, dried up, baked in the sun dog poo and I will instantly go to bed.  So I jumped out of my car, unlocked my condo door, threw my purse and books in (just so they didn't get stolen out of my car) and took off for a one mile run.
My newest running shoes.  I wish I was joking.  I couldn't make this up if I tired.
They are normally a very pale light grey.  However, they are soaked! (and squishy)
Picture this if you will: It is pouring rain, you're driving home through your neighborhood and suddenly you notice someone out running.  Now remove the running clothes you are picturing and put her in jeans and a work shirt, add some jewelry, and instead of running shoes let's give her flowered ballet flats.  What would you think?
I'd think:
A. Girl escaped from a mental institution - bat crap crazy
B. She is being chased by a serial killer (a la an Episode of Criminal Minds)
I even look sick, tired, and nuts.
P.S. I wasn't sweating - My hair is soaked and so is my shirt.  
I mean why else would a sane person run in jeans, ballet flats, and jewelry in the rain?  Oh, wait… it must be because she doesn't want to give up on the run streak and refuses to quit no matter what.  Put this one in the history books baby - Day 15 = Done!  Today shall forever be known as the day I wouldn't give in.  I'm still in it, no matter how crazy my neighbors may think I am.  Now I am taking my ouchy throat, throbbing head, soaking wet, exhausted self to bed.  Goodnight. 
Time to get out of these wet jeans.
You know, because that is what normal people run in.  HA
Runner's World Summer Run Streak -
Day 16 = 1 (of the most out of control miles I've ever run)
Total Miles Run = 58.5

Truthfully - What would you think if you saw a girl running around the neighborhood in the rain wearing jeans, ballet flats, and jewelry?  Just looking like she was out for a nighttime jog…
(I'd love to hear your take on it.)


  1. Your Opa would be shaking his head at you not being smart enough to get out of the rain, not to mention running in flats! What were you thinking?

    1. I was thinking - don't break the run streak.
      I know. Craziness.

  2. And I thought I was determined doing my long run in the pouring rain on Sunday! Crazy dedication! Good job:)

    1. Thanks. You are dedicated doing your run in the pouring rain. Many would not.

  3. If I were just any old person, I'd say you were crazy. But as a runner, you deserve a high five (although the sane side of me wants to tell you to take it easy and hope you feel better!)

    1. Thanks. Heading to bed right now and took it very easy tonight.

  4. This is why I luv you! You are one motivated chick!

    1. I like to think there are many reasons I cold be loved;)
      Thanks for the compliment.


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