Upcoming Races:
10/06/2012 - Isle of Palms Connector Run 10K = registered time TBA
10/28/2012 - Marine Corp Marathon =  registered time TBA  (better be under 5:13)
12/08/2012 = Kiawah Island Half Marathon  registered time TBA
01/19/2013 = Charleston Half Marathon = registered time TBA
02/24/2013 = New Orleans Marathon (bucket list worthy, but can't currently afford the trip, working on it...hmmm)
04/06/2013 = Cooper River Bridge Run 10K = registered time TBA

Completed Races:
3/31/2012 - Cooper River Bridge Run 10K = Scratch
I wanted so bad to try and run this and beat my 55 from last year, maybe a 54 or 53.  However, I was on strict doctors orders, "NO EXERCISE."  Instead I played chauffer and dropped G & T off and hung out downtown for about 4 hours waiting to cheer them across the finish.  Then I had a doughnut and bratwurst with them, because I paid the entry fee and had my bib and everything and therefore was sure I deserved that food, $45 and no race, I was getting my money worth. 

01/08/2012 - Disney World Marathon  = 5:13:31
…and then it hit the fan.  T and I were on perfect pace to finish at 4:30 and then something horrible happened in my right foot.  It was a shooting, crazy pain every time I stepped.  My face was in a permanent wince except when I would try real quick to fake a smile for the cameras.  My pace dropped from 10:30ish to 12 to 15 min miles.  Ouch!  I was really disappointed in myself.  However, I tried to look at the bright side I did finish a marathon.  Plus as stubborn as I am after about 10 minutes of complaining about my bad finish I decided I had to beat that ugly time.  Enter marathon number 2.

04/02/2011 - Cooper River Bridge Run 10K = 55:32
My goal was to beat my 58 from last year.  In my head I was shooting for 55ish because that seemed like a good number, but I didn't tell anyone as it seemed like a big jump.  So happy I made it, 2 amazing races in a row.

1/15/2011 - Charleston Half Marathon = 1:58:27
While I may have fallen in love with running before and even become a regular runner in the past year, this race made it official.  Obsession!  I knew I wanted to run more and I knew that I would need a buddy to motivate me.  T is the type who cannot say no to any physical challenge (she plays rugby, lacrosse, hockey, and anything else you throw at her) so I asked her if she would be interested in trying some races with me.  This was our first race together and our sub 2 hour time exceeded even our hopes.  I have never been prouder.  At this time we decided it was time for a marathon.

3/27/2010 - Cooper River Bridge Run 10K = 58:12
I had been running even more, some might even say on a regular basis.  I came in with the goal of breaking an hour.  I was super happy with my performance.  Then C's dad pointed out that he beat me by exactly 2 seconds.  I blame this on the fact that C tripped and I stopped to help her up.  Where were you then dadio?

11/26/2009 - Thanksgiving Turkey Trot  5K = 43:01
Sometimes it isn't about you, it is about helping someone else fall in love with running.  This race I helped pace a friend who was just starting to run.  We would run a bit, walk a bit, run a bit,…
10/03/2009 - Isle of Palms Connector Run 10K = 1:02:53
I had been running off and on for a while at this point so I didn't do any special training for this one and matched my Cooper time pretty closely.
04/04/2009 - Cooper River Bridge Run 10K = 1:02:something
Stupid chip broke.  My goal was 10 minute miles and I did just that.  Meeting my goal made for a very happy Abby

04/ 05/2008 - Cooper River Bridge Run 10K = 1:10:05
This is what happens when you hardly run for the 4 months after your half marathon.  I had fun running the race though and felt the desire to do better.  This may be about the point the running bug first struck.

12/08/2007 - Kiawah Half Marathon = 2:37:33
My first real race and I started with a half marathon.  Who does that?  I hadn't fallen in love with running yet and while I did a few longer runs, I did not run regularly.  It was rough.

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