Before & After

Prehealthy Lifestyle
I generally fluctuated between 180-185.
According to my BMI this was overweight for my height of 5'10.

I once tried to go on a run with my roommate's dog, neither of us made it much past the mailbox.  Sad.

Pants Size = 18
Shirt Size = XL


Halloween Costume - FYI
 I never felt fat, but I knew I was only getting larger and it wasn't good for me.

After Discovering the Pros of a Healthy Lifestyle
I am usually around 160, sometimes a pound or two below, sometimes a pound or two above.  This is right in the normal range (closer to overweight than underweight), but I am happy and healthy here.  

From not being able to make it down the block to regularly running 6-12 miles and occasionally much farther.  Now that is an improvement I am happy with!

Pants Size = 10
Shirt Size = M


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    1. Thanks. I think I may try to drop about 10 more to make me a bit faster before my marathon. Your before and after pictures are amazing. You are in terrific shape!

  2. Wow! What a transformation! You look absolutely amazing...and so happy! :)


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