Monday, June 4, 2012


Woke up before work, went pee, stripped off every piece of clothing I had on, then stepped on the scale.  What?  You don't weigh yourself completely naked before you put any food in your body after you've used the restroom just to see the lowest number possible?  Really…
This made me one happy kiddo.  I am not super weight focused.  I am 5'10 and probably should weigh a bit closer to 150, but I always hover around 160ish (like 158-163) and I am fine with that.  I am healthy, I run, I try to eat well, and I have a build like a middle linebacker.  Seriously you should see the size of my shoulders and how huge my rib cage is.  I'm kind of scary.  Sketchy people wouldn't want to run into me in a dark alley at night.  When I was marathon training I stopped counting calories though, big mistake (I'm human I make them too), and for the first time in the last two years put on some weight.  Before that I was famous for yo-yo dieting, but since about 2010 I've had my stuff together, eaten better, and exercised so I stay about the same.  Well not only did I slack off on the calorie counting I must have subliminally known it was getting bad so I slacked off on weighing myself too.  Whoops!  By the time I noticed my clothes weren't fitting right and hoped on a scale I was out of my happy range.  Then I tried to get my sh*t back on track, but got injured.  Which means I'm just now finally getting it all together.  I now know that with my personality and the way I am with food it is best if I calorie count every day and weigh myself multiple times a week.  Both of these hold me accountable and even when I am on track and doing great I will continue to use MyFitnessPal and my scale to check in and make sure I am doing what I need to be doing, and in truth I'll probably use them for a very long time just because that works for me.  Well enough of that.  First time under 160 since Nov.  Boo-yah!
So I went off to work quite happy.  When I came home I didn't have much time before I had to head to night class.  I'm taking Spanish 101 at a local Tech college on M &W nights, don't ask, it is not a pretty story.  Urrggghhhh…. (Did I mention I just finished my Masters degree a year ago and thought I was done with classes forever - wrong!)  However, I had to keep my Runner's World Summer Run Streak going and also wanted to get in a bit of resistance training so I went to the condo gym (AKA- super small room with old treadmill, bike, and free weights).  I did some resistance training first.  I try to mix moves up to keep me going and turn it into a bit of cardio too.  Since I was in a major hurry today I did 5 rounds with 10 reps of each per round: step ups, squats, V sits, push-ups, overhead presses, and curls.  By switching from one move to the next quickly through each round and then back again in the next round I find I wear myself out more and take less breaks than I would if I tried to do all 50 push-ups in a row.  I also vary the exercises and usually do 20 reps for a total of 100, but again stupid night class and time constraints.  Then I did a super fast interval workout on the treadmill.  After 2.5 miles I had an option - get 1 more mile in and go to class in sweaty gym clothes or shower?  Hmmmm….normally I'd show up sweating like a street walker in church, but this was only class #2 so I still probably need to try and make a good impression.  I cut it short.
Nike Shirt $28
Reebok Capris $40
Mizuno Shoes $150
Having all new running clothes that are comfortable & fit +

I was super proud of myself.  From the time I hit the condo door, showered, got dressed, pulled my hair up, put on a bit (very small bit) of makeup, and left the house was only 15 minutes.  Score!  I am amazing.  I continued to believe this until I walked into the bathroom before class and noticed the entire left side of my shirt was covered in white deodorant streaks.  Failure!  Well at least they know I wear deodorant and that I am not (currently) smelly.

When I got home I added my dinner calories and realized I was only at 1,250.  Score.  I normally allow myself 1,600 a day or I become a raving, hungry, lunatic.  Not worth it.  (I typically exercise off about 500 calories a day, sometimes more, sometimes WAY more, sometimes less so on average I take in about 1,100 calories a day.  Which means I'd probably be smaller if I didn't have the occasional splurge.  Why hello Epcot.  Yes, I would like to eat my way through ALL your countries!)  So what did I do?  Did I stop and think, "Wow! I am way ahead for today."?  No.  I ran to the cabinet and broke open another fabulous Trader Joe's purchase.  Then I counted out exactly 2 servings, 60 pieces, 280 calories of these bad boys.  God bless you sugar you are my happy place and my kryptonite all in one.  Oh well, still under my calorie count for the day so I am fine with it:)  I'll be honest with you though, that is not always the case, every couple of weeks the sugar kicks my butt, I have a mental break, and go WAY OVER my 1,600 calories.  I'm working on it.  Nobody is perfect.  Until then I'll just try my best and run it all off.
P.S.- This has nothing to with anything.  Just saw it on Pinterest and it is totally true for me.  Love it!
Hence why I never go out & am the queen of moderation.
Helps with calorie counting too.
Runner's World Summer Run Streak-
Day 8 = 2.5 miles
Total Run Miles = 27.5


  1. Love reading your blog every day. It def helps long distance motivate me. :-) Keep it up!

    1. Thanks. It is keeping me on track for sure and I am so glad to know it is helping you also.


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