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Today T and I met up at 9:00 to run the Cooper River Bridge.  It's a really nice location, good breeze, and probably the only "hill" in Charleston.  It is also the home of the 10K Cooper River Bridge Run which is a great race through Charleston.  It is a huge 10K!  They are capping this year at 40,000 entries, which is a ton of people to squeeze into 6.2 miles.  I strapped on my new purple Mizunos and my new Nike running capris (trying them out for the first time) and was ready to go. 
1. I was apparently born without a butt.
2. I am the pits when it comes to taking self portraits.
Boy was it rough.  We usually run the entire bridge which is right about 5 miles and then tack on some extra for a nice even 6.  However, I was struggling and T could tell.  Supposedly when I don't talk constantly she can tell things are rough.  I was really pushing, but it just wasn't working.  I was feeling better and thought I was up to it, but I guess feeling better sitting on your couch and feeling better running across the bridge require two different levels of healthy.  Plus this was my first week of the run streak so I was a bit sore.  We decided to just cut it at 5 instead of doing any extra. 
T has a Garmin so when we finished I was kind of curious.  I felt super slow and dead so I was just hoping we broke 12 minute miles and finished under an hour.  I asked her, "Let me guess… 59 minutes."  Turns out it was only 52!  This made me ecstatic.  To think I felt that horrible and thought I was going really slow, but yet was still running very close to 10 minute miles.  Awesome!  This helps prove to me that I am slowly coming back.  10 minute miles used to be my very comfortable long run pace for half and full training, but I've been having to push really hard to get there lately.  Knowing that I was almost there when I didn't feel 100% makes me excited to continue improving.

Then we rewarded ourselves as I always do post bridge run (I hate hills).  T was feeling hungry, and I can always eat, so we stopped at Whole Foods.  This is a bit of a treat since it is across 2 bridges, which in Charleston terms means its 30-35 minutes from my house.  I am not the type to do an hour round trip for groceries so I normally just go to Publix, which I love, and is only about 7 minutes from my place.  T got some delicious looking pizza and I had food from the hot bar and bought some of their spicy plantain chips to take home.  It was great and not something I get to do very often.

Then it was time for the big reward.  Trader Joe's!  It is two minutes from Whole Foods and came to Charleston about a year ago.  I knew from visiting my Oma in California that I absolutely loved the place and was super excited when I arrived.  It is probably best it is farther away that way I only go every 2 - 3 months.  However, I am excited every time I go because they have things there I just cannot find anywhere else and am in love with.  Yes, I love food.  That's okay, as long as I try to control it and be healthy about it.  
My favorite Trader Joe's Treats: (Time to stock up!)
How cute are these?
Only 120 calories for 15.  Yummy, frequently the treat in my school lunch.
Plus some foods I have trouble resisting and end up engulfing.
These I do a good job of counting out the serving size, taking it to lunch, and then leaving them alone.
My favorite PB.
Only 100 calories for 2 Tbsp and way lower fat then most.
Goes great on my toast in the morning or apples as a snack.
My favorite hummus.
Love the chipolte flavor.
I've already mentioned how this is my favorite frozen meal.
I rarely drink soda, but every few months when I go to TJs I allow myself to pick up a 6 pack of this.  
Plus some flowers for myself.
I love sunflowers.  They just look happy:)
While I'm going on about amazing foods... here are a couple of essentials I grabbed at Costco yesterday:
Great on veggies, crackers, or in wraps/on sandwiches.
These let me feel like I'm being bad and eating chips without  doing much damage to the calorie count.
Plus they are amazing and the serving size is pretty good.
I'm addicted to berries.  They're probably my favorite fruit.
Costco has huge containers for the same as the little ones at groceries.
I say berries are Probably my favorite fruit because I love all fruits.
I suck at eating veggies, but man do I plow through some fruit.
Every week I go through about 2 large containers of berries, 5 bananas, 5 apples, some oranges, some clementines, and usually something else I am in the mood for.  This week I bought kiwis last week it was pineapple.
Well enough about my favorite foods...     
The streak continues next week.  I'd love to break 30 miles and also to try and get some speed work in, I skipped it this week in favor of rest.  Here goes nothing.  Till then it's on to a 4 mile walk, talk, and some healthy dinner with C.   
Okay, who was I kidding... with me there is never enough about food.
Dinner for C & I before our walk and Game of Thrones.
Fruit salad just looks pretty.
Check out all those colors.
Plus healthy enchiladas I unfroze.
Runner's World Summer Run Streak-
Day 7 = 5 miles (plus 4 mile walk with C)
Total Run Miles = 25 miles  

What are your essential eats?

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