Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tell it Like it is

Riddle Time: Who is starving to death, craving every food imaginable, clearing out her cabinets, then regretting it instantly, yet still hungry? 

If you guessed me during the week before my period you're right.  (Sorry to my 2 male readers.)  Aunt flow, your monthly visitor, the crimson wave, the curse, whatever you want to call her... homegirl is a diet sabotaging bi*ch!  It's time I tell it like it is and get it all out in the open.  
I don't have any other PMS symptoms- no mood swings, etc.  However, in the week before my period I am a raving, starving, will destroy all food in sight, lunatic.  I try to tell myself it is mental, that I'm not really hungry, but my stomach hurts and I feel hungry (not just like I am craving). 

I want to get this off my chest and tell you the truth of what is holding me back because this one stupid PMS week of unrestrained Man vs. Food style power eating is my worst diet saboteur.  I did great the past few weeks.  I was down over 3,500 calories a week and losing about a pound each.  Woohoo!  Even though last week with girls' weekend wasn't as good, I still busted butt, ate healthy the other days, and was below my calorie count for the week.  Here is my vicious cycle though- I lose two or three pounds on the nonPMS weeks and then gain it all back in that one week.  Argggghhhh…..
I Cannot WILL NOT continue doing this.  I was hoping starting my LoseAMarathon Challenge through Run with Jess this week would help, but I have failed these first two days.  Yesterday evening after I ate my normal 1,600 calories worth of healthy food I was still starving and mindlessly ate an entire 4 servings of Popchips.  Not horrible, but not helping.  Today I had a good breakfast and even though I was hungry restrained myself at lunch.  (On a normal week my lunch would have left me full.)  Then I had an hour after work until b-day dinner with my mom and basically had an entire dinner before our scheduled dinner.  Crap.  Two full dinners.  Double dinner day = Way too many calories  Welcome back pounds I worked so hard to lose.  You suck!    
I hope that admitting to everyone that this is kicking my butt will help me conquer it. 
My plan:
1. When hungry eat a small, healthy smack packed with protein to fill me up.       
2. Stay out of the kitchen after meals during PMS week.
3. If I'm feeling starving go for a walk/run first and then see how I feel. 

Time to try these and hope they work.  Do any of you have PMS food issues?  If so… I showed  told you mine, now you show tell me yours. 

Runner's World Summer Run Streak -
Day 23 = 1 mile (quick predinner plans)
Total Miles Run = 88
Dinner #2
Celebrating my mom's birthday
You know you're in Charleston when....
Boiled peanuts are an appetizer.
Her birthday shrimp & grits.
My curry chicken sandwich.  Amazing! 
And because 2 full dinners was not enough...
and since it was mom's birthday...
I got a slice of cake too.
I'm all about splurging sometimes, but today was a fail!


  1. Man, I haven't had boiled peanuts in decades!! Yum! And shrimp and grits... my mouth is watering!

    Good luck with the challenge! I am very excited about it!

    1. I had enough for both of us. Delicious!

      I'm really happy about the challenge too. Seems to have such a great community.

  2. Abby, I am always hungry the week before my period too... but I haven't found anything to fix it :( I just try to eat a lot of fruits and veggies as my snacks to tide me over... Good luck! Let us know if you find any tricks!

    1. Well knowing I'd have to face you all today helped a lot. Plus I am not allowing myself to walk into the kitchen tonight now that dinner is done!

  3. I ain't gonna lie, I gagged a little over the boiled peanuts. :)

    I used to just be a raving eating fool for pms, but now I have anger on top of it. But, when I was in my teens, 20's, and even early 30's, I didn't have any pms.

    The only thing saving me this week (so far) is that I have nothing to snack on at work, and no snack food at home I can eat. That's the one bright spot to my gluten intolerance - I can't eat my kids' junk food without paying way more than it's worth. ;)

    1. I swear I turned 30 and the crazy hungry just started no PMS stuff before ever. Are you telling me it it may get worse? Yikes!

      I'm sorry about your Gluten Intolerance, but glad it is helping you out on the snacky food front.

  4. It's awesome that you have a plan of attack! When I get like that, I know I'm not actually hungry, so I make sure to fill up on water. If I'm craving something a little more sweet I may put crystal lite in it, nothing too much though.

    1. I am drinking water like mad tonight Colleen. I may be up all night using the restroom, but that's better than emptying my cabinets. Glad to hear this has worked for you.

  5. Yum hominy grill! I love boiled peanuts! Good luck with the PMS eating, I don't know how to deal with that now;)

    1. Yes, Hominy Grill was delicious and I am doing much better today.


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