Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Missed a workout? (tips)

Feeling rough still today.  However, luckily I did not act as bat crap crazy as yesterday to get my run in, I did do it though.  I'm about to head off for a super early bedtime since I know I have another 7am-8pm nonstop day of work and school tomorrow. Stinks that I don't feel well enough to get a long run in tonight, but I am trying not to get down on myself.  I used to really beat myself up and feel crummy all day and part of the next if I skipped or missed exercising.  

However, now I use these tips for days you just can't squeeze in a workout:
1. Move on - If you dwell on missing one workout it is just going to make you more upset.  Admit you are not perfect and realize it is okay.  Instead of thinking about the negative focus on all the good things you've done for yourself lately. 
2. Fix the issue - Think about how you can get yourself back on track so you'll be workout ready again soon.  Sick or injured?  Take time to heal.  Exhausted?  Go to bed early and get lots of sleep so you can tackle it tomorrow.  Run out of time?  Wake up early or try and get even just a 20-30 minute sweat session in on a lunch break.
3. Schedule it - Preplan your next exercise session.  This not only helps you move past missing a day, but it also holds you accountable for  your next workout.  Schedule a walk/run with a friend, pick a class at the gym, etc.
4. Make up for it - If you know in advance you won't be able to squeeze in a sweat session (not enough time, sick, etc.) plan for it in advance by treating your body even better than usual.  I always count calories, but on the days I know I am going to miss my workout I am even more careful because I know I won't be able to make up for it at the gym.  Eat healthy, eat fresh, drink water, no sweets, no junk - then you won't feel as guilty about having missed your workout.  
Of course I've missed workouts over the course of this journey to get fit & healthy;
however, I remind myself how far I've come and how much I am capable of, get over it, schedule my next workout, and try to make up for it.    
Hope your workouts go well and that if you do have to miss these tips help you out. 

Runner's World Summer Run Streak -
Day 16  = 1.5 miles (sick & tired, early bed)
Total Miles Run = 60 miles

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