Sunday, April 29, 2012

Whitney for no Additional Charge

Today was a lazy day.  Caught up on all the errands and chores I didn't do throughout the week.  Laundry, groceries, drug store (to buy sunscreen on sale in huge amounts), etc.  In case you were curious I burn through 3-4 spray tubes of sunscreen for my legs and arms each week during my summer runs.  Ridiculous!  I am pretty sure there should be a fair skinned discount.  

However, I did get my run in.  Another 5 miler.  Really slow since it is about 90 degrees again today and I am not used to the heat, but once again felt way better than Friday.  I ran the other way down the trail this time.  It is much prettier that direction, but is completely empty, no stores and only 1 neighborhood, so if I want food I head the way I went yesterday where there are at least a dozen different options.
The very end of the trail is super rocky.  It's an exercise in not rolling an ankle, and since I have the grace of a large elephant on roller skates, my least favorite part.

FYI- I wear a size 11 shoe!  Just to put the huge rocks in perspective.

However, it is worth it because once you make it out the there the landscape really opens up and the marsh views are gorgeous.
Now that I have caught up on my Sunday night TV, I watch Once and Game of Thrones and other than that the only show I watch is Glee (yes I know their target audience is half my age) I have amazing taste in TV! HA, but how could you escape this awesomeness?  Seriously check it out and try to hold back the urge to sing along.

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