Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ready for this jelly?

About to go for a 5 mile run & then watch Glee with T.  However, had to tell you all about this really quick.  I try to be excited by the little things in life.  A sunny day, my favorite fruit on sale, etc.  It makes life more fun and less stressful.  Today it was while I was picking up shampoo at CVS and saw Beyonce on the cover of People Magazine's Most Beautiful issue. 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE (picture me happily smiling and bouncy while typing) that she was the type of cover model they choose.  I feel like Beyonce has a more realistic body image for women out there.  She isn't a size 0, but she isn't chubby either, she is healthy, curvy, and gorgeous.  The type of body I wish all women would dream of, give me that instead of stick skinny every day.  I also love that she is realistic about how hard she exercises to stay healthy.  Whenever she gives interviews about it you can tell her workouts kick her a**, it hate those skinny little things who say, "well, I don't really workout ever, but…" blah blah blah.  I just stopped listening to you and started hating you.
 I think it is super important that we get role models like Beyonce out there so that young girls can see that fit is pretty, healthy is sexy, and it is okay to have curves.  I feel so blessed that as I have gotten older I have come to terms with the fact that I will probably never wear a single digit size (I'm 5'10 with a very large boned build) and I am perfectly happy with that my goal is just to be healthy, but as a child I thought because I was not a size 4 or 6 like the other middle school and high school girls I was fat.  I look back at those pictures now and realize how twisted my perception was, how I was perfectly normal sized, but just because I didn't look like the cover of a 17 magazine (I think that's what I read back thin) I was sure I was, fat, disgusting, huge.  Crazy how we can so badly want to fit into societal norms when we are so young. 
So it makes me fabulously happy to see the most beautiful woman, while in terrific shape and absolutely gorgeous looking, is not the skinniest woman in Hollywood.  She has curves, she is healthy, she is fit, and she works hard for it.  Good choice People
P.S.- I also try to do my part as a school teacher.  I always model by eating healthy lunches in front of my kids, but when they ask why I explain to them the importance of being healthy.  I never refer to it as a diet.  I want them to know that healthy is a lifestyle not some 2-3 month diet you can jump on and off of.      

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