Friday, May 18, 2012

If Only

 My Day Today:
Stealing leftover teacher appreciation fruit as a snack.  I was starving and happy to find a healthy alternative.
Even if I didn't do as well tonight.
Hopefully this is true because if you have seen my paycheck you know the government doesn't appreciate me at all.

The Day I Want:

My parents are in Indy for my nephews 1st birthday tomorrow.
My father is fabulous and keeps sending me pictures from his cell phone.
So jealous.
Health isn't just about exercise, eating right, and getting enough rest - it's also about your happiness and this little guy makes his Aunt Abby so very happy.

If I'm fantasizing anyway...:

Enough money to get myself (and T) to NOLA for the marathon.

Alcide to jump out of my TV (a girl can dream right?)

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