Friday, May 11, 2012


I am a fabulous (if I say so myself, and I do) 30 year old and it is a gorgeous Friday night.  So what did I do?  Happy Hour, dinner, a movie, a club… no, no, no, & dear heavens no!

As it turns out my priorities have changed.  I find myself going out way less, hardly at all actually, because I love being able to have a nice relaxing night which leads to a wonderful next morning.  I found that if I go out and stay up late I am in no mood to get up to run and if I do drag myself out of bed it is a bad run.  However, if I stay in and relax then I am bright eyed and bushy tailed the next morning (or as close to it as it get).  I guess I finally discovered that, for me personally, going out can be a bit overrated while time to actually rest at home is definitely undervalued. 

This does not mean that I don't still get to see friends and enjoy great food.  Tonight C came over and we cooked a fabulous dinner.  Chicken Andouille sausages (with only 120 calories each) topped with grilled onions, fabulous!  Plus we made corn on the grill, all you do is wrap it in foil and cook it for about 10 min.  It  is beyond easy, requires next to no cleanup, and is so juicy it really doesn't even need butter.  I am a fruit lover though so of course that had to be included.  An amazing mix of strawberry, peach, kiwi, and clementine pieces.  Yummy.  Plus it was way healthier than anything we would have gotten if we went out instead of staying in and cooking. 
Then after that we went on a 4 mile walk.  I'm still in recovery mood and did an 8 miler yesterday (and was super tight) so I figured I better slow it down for a bit.  Then we watched In Time.  Interesting concept, C & I both liked it, good, but not great.  Overall, a fabulous low-key, healthy night that will leave me ready for a 9:00am 8 mile run with T.

P.S.- It was teacher appreciation week.  I never expect any treats/gifts, but since I am a pull-out and not a classroom teacher this year I was sure I wouldn't get anything.  Then I was surprised with this... how adorable.  One of my little guys must have a mommy who loves Pinterest too.  


  1. Super cute idea for teacher appreciation.


  2. Plus it had Rolos in it and I love Rolos! :)
    (I refuse to give up treats people, I just made up the calories that night at dinner.)


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