Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stereotypical Hilarity

This is amusingly true for me. 
I went to Italy for a one week college course.  Turns out blonde haired, blue eyed, 18 year old, pale skinned Americans are a delicacy.  I was actually chased across more than one piazza by Italian men screaming at me, "You have the most beautiful eyes."  Really buddy, your 100 feet away and moving at a pretty decent clip, how can you even see them? 
Oh, and the USA running for food.  Story of my life!  I LOVE food.  Food is there whenever I need it, doesn't call me at 3am, doesn't forget plans, always remembers my birthday; heck, food is pretty much the most stable long term relationship I have and it is one of mutual love and respect.  I love it, but respect that fact that if I don't do something about it, yikes!  It loves and respects my back fat which it creates.  Really, who accumulates fat there?  I am the only person I know with a reverse muffin top.  Truthfully. 

I refuse to give up the food I love, I'd be miserable and life for me would go way downhill.  It is not worth it.  If eating the foods that make me happy means I weigh 10 pounds more that I might otherwise than I will happily take those 10 pounds and throw them on.  However, I do want to be healthy so to compensate for the eating and to work on the whole cardiovascular/heart health, I run.  I run a lot.  Enough to make most average people think I am crazy.  So I guess this little info graphic is funnily true for me.  I do run for food and TO food also (6 mile run just to eat at the farmers' market last weekend), but at least I run. 
Wait if the only two countries I've ever been to, the USA and Italy are true….  Does that mean people in Japan really have to run from Godzilla?  


  1. Nice pic! Makes me giggle! I LOVE food too!


  2. Food & Running... one of the many reasons why you are a great buddy:)


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