Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nude Bathroom Invasion

I was really worried about keeping my Run Streak going since today was my first day of night class.  It meant I'd be leaving early for work, have a very short break between work and class, and then not get home until almost bedtime.  However, I was determined to squeeze a run in.  Even if it was just one mile I had to keep the streak going, no excuses!  So I was super excited when my meeting downtown went super fast and I ended up with a little extra time before I had to leave for class.
Running along the battery.
Gorgeous view of the Charleston Harbor.
Apparently the Confederates fought naked.
Now that would make battles more interesting.
One of my favorite parts of my Southern relocation.
Streets lined with Live Oak trees.
(You know, as opposed to dead oaks.)
I'm sure this will be my next home.  HA
I do love this city though.
Still cannot believe I live somewhere people pay to visit.
Then, I took Charleston to a whole new level of class.
First, I found a public bathroom.
Then, after running in the almost 90 degree heat...
I realized I was literally dripping sweat, it was falling in pools.
I couldn't make that impression in my first night class.
However, I had somehow forgot my face (body) wipes,
but I had this in my running bag.
With no towels handy I tried to find the one dry spot on the shirt I had just run in.
Then stripped butt naked in the bathroom stall, clothes flying, sweat dripping, and tried to clean myself up.
I would be embarrassed, instead I'm looking at this as -
 Holy Sh*T I'm killing this run streak no matter what it takes.
(The other people in the bathroom my not have felt the same way,
I got lots of crazy looks when I emerged.)
I was hitting the delete button on this picture,
but then decided why not let you see the true me.
30 min after my nude bathroom incident:
 I'm still sweaty, still red, and not very alive (and obviously unable to take a self portrait).
Hope my professor likes stinky people!
Runner's World Summer Run Streak-
Day 3 = 3.5 miles
Total = 15 miles 

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