Thursday, May 17, 2012

Interval Insanity

So my supposed 8 mile run yesterday.  Not so much.  It was one of those horrible runs.  Not just tight, not just tough.  Impossible.  A run where it felt like everything was against me and like continuing on would be worse in the long run.  Before when I had days like this, as awful as they were, I would try to push through.  However, now that I am marathon training I look at the big picture.  If this run is so bad it is actually hurting me more than helping me is it worth it?  In the long run the answer was no.  I am just getting back on track from multiple months off and I'd really been amping up the distance pretty quickly.  Maybe this was my body's way of saying slow down!  So after a one mile I stopped.  I didn't quit completely, instead I walked 4 more miles casually and gave my body time to rest up.  I am looked at the bright side one bad day didn't have to make two and I'd kill it the next day so tonight it was on. 
I was ready to go, and it was rainy.   A run while it is sprinkling, fine; however, running if it is pouring and my socks get all super squishy, miserable.  I had a gym membership for the past few years for days like today, but cancelled it in November to save money since I was marathon running so much with T.  Then I tried Cross Fit for about a month in January before I got injured and at this point I can't lift more than a 5 pound weight so Cross Fit is out.
FYI  - I could never do pull ups like this chick, you go girl.  I was kind of a Cross Fit reject.  I blame it on the super long monkey arms, that is a big distance to pull
I could lift a bit, like maybe the bar plus a tiny weight, not this bad a**.  However, I felt like I was getting stronger.  Now attempting to press 10 pounds dominates me.
Then I remembered getting an email from the HOA about the new pool/fitness room key and it hit me… I have access to a free fitness room for days like this.  Shut the front door!  So after living in my condo for almost 7 years I ventured the 2 building over for the first time and found a room the size of my living room with 2 old treadmills, an elliptical, bike, weight machine, bench, and free weights from 5-50 pounds.  It is nothing fancy, but considering my complex is the size of a shoebox I guess what else is to be expected, so I considered it a win.  Look on the bright side people, it's the little things in life.

I used today, my first treadmill run since I ditched my gym membership 6 months ago, to do some interval work.  I am better at intervals and speed on a treadmill then outside.  If I try to speed it up outside I tend to fall back into my happy (much slower) marathon pace.  The treadmill - now that is a motivator - slow down, fly the heck off, and hit the wall behind you.  That puts some spring in my step.  This is the interval program I used to do before.  I did a modified version of it tonight.  (Only got up to an 8.0.)  I hope to be back to the full version soon.  I didn't get it from anywhere, it is just what I like to do when I am not running my long runs.
Post workout = Beat 
And trying not to fall over.  If you do this right you should look like hell.
 Abby's Interval Mountains (speed/interval time/total time)
*Side Note - I hate the treadmill, but the constant changes in this workout have you focused on just the one next minute and things fly by much faster.  Try it!
4.0/1 min/1 min
4.5/1 min/2 min
5.0/1 min/3 min
5.5/1min/4 min
6.0/3 min/7 min (base)
6.5/1 min/8min
6.0/1 min/9 min
6.5/1 min/10 min
7.0/1 min/11min
6.5/1 min/12min
6.0/1 min/13 min
6.5/1 min/14 min
7.0/1 min/15min
7.5/1 min/16 min
7.0/1 min/17min
6.5/1 min/18min
6.0/1 min/19 min
6.5/1 min/20 min
7.0/1 min/21min
7.5/1 min/22 min
8.0/1 min/23 min
7.5/1 min/24 min
7.0/1 min/25 min
6.5/1 min/26min
6.0/1 min/27 min
6.5/1 min/28 min
7.0/1 min/29min
7.5/1 min/30 min
8.0/1 min/31 min
8.5/1 min/32 min
8.0/1 min/33 min
7.5/1 min/34 min
7.0/1 min/35 min
6.5/1 min/36min
6.0/2 min/38 min (reestablish base)
9.0/30 sec/38.5 min
6.0/1 min/39.5 min
9.0/30 sec/40 min
6.0/1 min/41 min
9.0/30 sec/41.5 min
6.0/1 min/42.5 min
9.0/30 sec/43 min
6.0/1 min/44 min
9.0/30 sec/44.5 min
6.0/2 min 30 sec/47 min (cool it down)
5.5/1 min/48 min
5.0/1 min/49 min
4.5/1 min/50 min
Walk longer if you need to in order to cool down.  This workout should leave you torched and dripping more sweat that a street walker in Sunday service.  If you don't feel like you are about to fly off the back of the treadmill ala America's Funniest Home Videos every time you switch back and forth between the 30 second bursts at the end that means you need to be going faster (because  you're speedier than me).  If done right this workout will push you.  It's got the distance someone like me who prefers distance running likes, but also a great variety or speed in it. 



  1. I may have to give that a whirl. I've been focusing a lot on distance lately and now I'm trying to focus on my speed since my endurance is there but speed is now what kills me.

  2. I am a distance runner at heart, so you'll still be knocking out 5ish miles. However, unlike lots of normal distance runs this does offer a great change in speed. Feel free to jump it up, down, or leave it the same, whatever works for you.


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