Wednesday, May 23, 2012

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Taking My Students on a Final Day Field Trip
You have no clue how happy a walk across the street to Burger King makes 9-11 year olds.

Bringing my own turkey & reduced fat cheese with spicy mustard sandwich thin to BK.
Watching all my babies eat their deliciously, horrible, fabulous food.  
Not only was tonight the Glee season finale...  (Yes, I am aware I am 15 years older than their target audience.)  It was also one of our Glee friend's last night in town before she moved for a new job.  Well I love any chance to cook, but tend to go a bit crap ton overboard.
She loves Funfetti so I ran with it, but not towards cake or cupcakes, that'd be too easy.  
FYI - There were only 4 of us there watching/eating.
A half batch of truffle center, didn't look like much, but
it made 16 truffles.  Chilling in the freezer so I can coat them.

The finished Funfetti Cake Batter Truffles
If that wasn't enough, insert Funfetti cookies here.
Like how I am using the top of the container to ice on.  Why get more plates dirty?  Classy.
Before & After Icing
Truly tastes like birthday cake.
Yes, I have issues.
That wasn't enough Funfetti yet.
New Funfetti Muddy Buddies/Puppy Chow recipe = Fat Kid Food Heaven
However, my all time favorite -
Funfetti cake dough dip.
My zebra just took a nose dive in, it's okay, I'm about to bite off his head anyway.
The complete Funfetti spread at T's house.
How could I resist all this, LOSING!
However, I am going to try and think positive.  It is about baby steps.  You cannot change 30 years of bad eating overnight.  It is about making steps in the right direction like taking my own lunch into a fast food place for the first time in my history of ever!  

It is also about getting back on track when you plummet into a bowl of Funfetti.  I'm not perfect (and lets be real), I never will be.  It's about being smarter, making healthier choices, and being healthier overall.  While the Funfetti might have won this time I have faith, in the long run I'm going to end up on top.

What is your food weakness?  (If I could eat one thing without gaining any extra calories it would be....) 


  1. I don't even like Funfetti and it looks good. My food weakness would be chocolate truffles - but they don't get to come into the house often. My food weakness that DOES get to come in the house is tortilla chips.

    1. Tortilla chips are fabulous. Have you tried the baked ones? If you load enough spicy salsa on them they aren't bad. Not as good as real ones though.
      My food weakness is anything sweet so I have to limit that and when I can bring it in the house. Chocolate truffles sound amazing right now!


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