Saturday, May 12, 2012


*I am the type of girl who gets more excited for a pair of new running shoes than a pair of new heels or boots.  I guess that is a big sign of my healthy lifestyle change.  

After over an hour shoe shopping online today, I give up!  

I found blue Mizunos I loved,
Purple ones that were fabulous,
And a Turquoise pair so amazing I am pretty sure I'd have to sleep in them!
However, what was the only color on sale in my size... ORANGE.
Not a bright, cheery neon orange either.  I'm pretty sure this is known as "my cat just puked on the carpet orange".    
This picture does not do it's HORRID tint justice, I hate orange!
I hate having big feet.  Is it worth the $30 off? 
I'd even happily take any of these okay color combos.  They are all better than the orange.


  1. Nice! I ended up getting my Mizuno Wave Riders at the Georgia Half expo since they were about $20 off. I love them, except for their obnoxious yellow color! Which ones are these?

    1. Ummm what is wrong with the yellow color??? It is fantastic.. . .though I am less of a fan of the orange I'll have to admit. I've been wearing wave riders since I started running and love them.

  2. These are all Wave Creations. They have a bit more padding & cushion than the Riders. However, they are $35 more because of it. I have so many friends that wear & love Riders that I am tempted to switch down to save some dough.
    It is just that I love having TONS of support, I will never be a minimalist person.

    And with your half times you can rock out the fast yellow shoes:)

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    1. aww, crap. i thought i double posted so i deleted it.

      all i said was that the orange shoes are not worth it. i normally take the deal.. but like you said, its cat puke orange. if you look at your shoes everyday and think, "god, i hate these!" then its not worth it.

      i like the first 3 the best. :) good luck deciding!

    2. I love the first 3 the best too:) The purple & turquoise are so fun!
      Plus I think you're right, if the orange was just okay I'd go for it to save $30, but I do hate it. probably not worth it.
      I really don't have to have new ones until the end of the month (I'm hoping my oldies will last until then) so I'm going to wait and hope something goes on sale.

  4. Your cookies are delicious.

    1. Glad you liked them. I always try to send her home with extra for you.
      My next post will have the recipes in case you ever want to cook them or make the roommate do it..
      or you can just wait for me to back more.

  5. All I have to say is, you won't get hit by a car with those fabulous shoes. I like em;)



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