Saturday, May 5, 2012

VICTORY! (hold the vomit)

Started off the day driving downtown with C and picking up T for a run.  I love running with them as it keeps me motivated throughout my rehab.  Today I had planned out a 10K (6.2 mile) route.  My first run over 5.5 since my injury time out.
It quickly became apparent that waiting until 10:00 to pick T up was a horrible idea.  By the time we started it was 10:30 and we were running in some ridiculous heat.  C almost ralphed when a bus went by because the hot exhaust coming out was just too much for her and T pointed out that you know it is hot when even your shins are sweating.  We were disgusting!  I really wanted to stop when we ran by the aquarium around mile 4, but luckily having the girls with me kept me going.  I didn't want to seem like the pansy of the group.  (I mentioned this to them post run and turns out they would have been perfectly fine with stopping, good thing I didn't know that then.)  However, we survived  even if we finished as bright red sweaty messes and made better time that I expected in the heat.
Then we walked back to the car, grabbed our money, I snagged my market bag, and we begged a nearby place to give us cups of water while we walked the 3 or 4 blocks down to the market.  Best water ever!   We ran so late because I wanted to get to the amazing Charleston Farmers' Market around lunch time. 
First, we were still burning up so we got delicious popsicles and chilled out in the shade.  They totally hit the spot and we didn't want to move.  Until we realized it was lunch time and we were hungry.  We celebrated Cinco de Mayo with empanadas.  C and I had pulled pork with, cheese, pickles, and dijon mustard while T had beef with two types of cheese and cabbage.  They were okay, but not great they had tons of meat inside of them, but none of the other fillings they mentioned and not a lot of flavor.  I love the crepe stand at the market, but it is the most popular so last time it took 35 minutes to get our crepes.  A BBQ stand caught our eye on the way out so I'll try that one next time.
I ended up with my popsicle, empanada, another water, 2 peaches, and some blueberries (which were demolished right after I got home) and strawberries.
 Then I took an amazing shower.  Isn't it crazy how they feel so much better after a workout?  A nice hour and a half nap, that hot run really took it out of me, and then went to run errands.  At this point I realized there was no way I could continue to wear jeans all summer.  I was burning to death just walking in and out of the stores.  I have no clue how I survived the last 8 summers wearing jeans.  Don't get me wrong I do have lots of cute, very simple, spring dresses, mostly the cheap cotton A-line type that I wear very frequently during the summer.  However, sometimes a sun dress just doesn’t feel appropriate, like when you're visiting the zoo and walking around all day.  So off I went to the outlets.

I found this dress that I absolutely loved.  My favorite color and an amazing cut.  It made me look way skinnier than I am and gave me boobs which I do not possess.  However, I have dresses already, and no money, and was there for shorts so I restrained.  Wish I had willpower like that with food. 
However, the impossible happened- after numerous stores, trying on over 20 pairs of shorts, getting one pair stuck so tightly over my big ol' quads that I thought I was going to have to call someone in to cut them off (seriously my legs were bulging out the bottom like stuffed sausages and begging to turn a scary color of redish purple), and annoying a lot of sales people who were not very fond of looking for shorts in multiple sizes… I found shorts.  Not just any shorts, shorts that fit without making me look like a hoochie mamma or a dude.  VICTORY.  Plus they were half off, double win.  Probably money I shouldn't spend, but seriously how can a girl live in Charleston, SC without any shorts? 
I thought about making my bed before taking this picture, but decided  that would be unrealistic.
So now as I have spent way more than my weekend money allotment in just one day, it will be a very low key Cinco de Mayo at my household.  Netflix movie on the couch, we  will see how it is my mom said she liked it, and painting my nails.  Wild side here I come! 


  1. That was one rough and hot run! Glad you were running w me!


  2. Ditto. Wouldn't have made it otherwise.

  3. Abby, I command that you go back and buy that dress. Everything about it is AMAZING. The color is gorgeous on your complexion, the fit is magnificent, and it's the cutest dress ever that can be worn for Saturday errands and then dressed up with heels and a great necklace for a wedding or drinks with the girls down town.

    Also, those shorts are cute!

    Also, next time, try the strawberry lemonade popsicle and tell me how it tastes; I am curious...

  4. Thanks for the compliment. I did LOVE the dress. Why are our salaries so small though? It creates quite the shopping issue.

    FYI- The strawberry lemonade is amazing.


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