Monday, May 21, 2012

In Mourning

You know what is awesome.  When your favorite pair of running capris, the only ones that fit you perfectly, DIE!  (Insert sarcasm so thick it is dripping off the page here.)  

After three amazing years together it probably should have been expected, but I just can't find another pair that fits this well.  I have big hips so my body/butt is very wide.  However, it is completely flat (thanks mom).  This means every other pair of running pants or capris I have ever bought get stretched and pulled like crazy across my hips and then fall off my butt until plumbers are envious of the amount of crack I have hanging out.  Have you ever ran over 20 miles while pulling your pants up the ENTIRE time?  Don't.  It is not fun.   

This sucks.  I am in mourning.  I love them so much.  I thought about keeping them and still running in them, but every time I step they tear a bit more so after imaging myself finishing my next race wearing only one pant leg (hope I put on cute underwear) I decided to chuck them.  So sad:(

Help!  What bottoms do you run in?


  1. Shorts, always shorts

  2. Hmmm... I wonder if my legs are too big for that I always get, what I lovingly refer to, as chub rub.
    Maybe you have better shorts. Do you buy a special type? I'd love to get some, it is so HOT here.
    Or probably it is because your legs are skinnier.

  3. I normally wear spandex shorts underneath, stops them riding up and rubbing :)

  4. I wear shorts normally, but i have spadex shorts I can put under them (they are especially nice when you are bike riding long miles)!


  5. See now I've gotta find spandex that fit.
    They need a Don't Fall Off, But Don't Muffin Top pants/shorts section in Dicks
    It would really help a girl out

  6. I love lululemon and I am convinced that nothing they make will ever die! The Bonus is they fit my big thighs and my smaller waist so I don't spend time awkwardly readjusting during my runs!

    1. I have falling in love with them for the same reason... big girl runner thighs! :)


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