Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You ran what?

I have a little oval sticker on my car that says RUN 26.2.  It is to remind me of what I work for and how far I have come.  Today a sweet older man at work saw me get into my car, saw the sticker, pointed, and said, "Really.  YOU ran that.  Why?"
He must be in the same fan club as my father.  When I told my dad about registering for my first marathon his instant response was, "Why would you run 26 miles?  That is why they invented cars."  However, I was okay with my father thinking I was crazy because I was proud.  I felt strong, athletic, and pretty darn excited about my new fitness goals, more excited than I had been about anything in a long time.  I was going to be a marathoner, whether people thought I was crazy or not, and that made me pretty doggone happy!
I do understand why people ask with that oh, dear heavens Abby has gone crazy tone in their voice though.  If you are not a runner it seems like a ridiculous distance, sometimes (many times) it still seems like a nutso distance to me and I already signed up for a second 26.2.  Plus, I will admit, I don't always look like what lots of people picture a marathon runner to be in their head.  However, I love that.  I love that at the race there were people of all shapes, sizes, age groups, experience levels, etc.  Because in the end, it doesn't matter how you do it as long as you do.   
So to the man who asked me by my car... Why?

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