Monday, May 28, 2012

And so it begins...

Woke up today at 7:30 with the full intention of starting the Runner's World Summer Running Streak right away.  I am way excited to have something to get me back into it as getting restarted has been hard.  Plus I've never done a run streak before and I love a good challenge.  However, then I used my super hero power - sleeping - and hit the snooze button until 8:00.  I swear I dominate that snooze button like no other.  Maybe I was so tired because at almost midnight my creepy, smelly roommate was in a screaming match on the phone about whether Batman and the Dark Knight are the same person, with his mom!  I only know this because I could hear it through the wall and it kept me up.  Oh how badly I wish I was joking and that this wasn't really my living situation.  (Side note: My teacher pay keeps getting cut while my HOA, groceries, gas, etc. keep increasing.  I had two options: go into extreme credit card debt or find a roommate.  All my friends and friends of friends already had places so I chanced it on  At this point I am almost longing for an extra couple thousand dollars in credit card debt.  Yikes!)
Then I just couldn't get myself going so I ate breakfast in hopes that would motivate me and spent forever downloading dozens of pictures of the cutest little guy ever.  My (only) nephew Jackson just turned one and I am whipped.  He will soon learn that I am such a sucker for him and I will be getting phone calls for toys and money.  Well, as soon as he masters that whole talking thing.
Little man LOVES water!
His grandma is Korean and had a special outfit mailed in for his birthday.
Always so happy.
Forget presents from now on I'm sending tissue paper.  It's his favorite part.
Then next thing I know I realized it was 9:30 and I was exhausted from a busy day and not much rest so I decided it was nap time.  I set my alarm for an hour, but I really should be a paid professional napper.  I am amazing at it.  I ended up crashing until 11:00 and then reading some of a book T lent me while having lunch.

Then I admired my new running purchases.  I don't let myself buy run clothes very often because I pretty much live in them as it is, I don't need any more to add to my (I Refuse to put on Real Clothes) laziness.  However, I have been having some severe issues with my running capris.  I am having to pull them up constantly and am uncomfortable for entire runs.  T told me I may need to buy them even tighter or smaller so they don't fall off.  Since I cannot buy clothes online because I must try them on first I headed to Dicks.  (Did I ever tell you about the time C tried to find the store hours by Googling  On my computer!  You don't want to know how long it takes to get rid of those pop-ups and viruses.)  Well I normally don't let myself go in there because it is like happy Abby runner sensory overload.  I want everything and I want it right then.  One half of me is saying go for it new running clothes are good for you, and the other half remembers that I cannot afford to pay my own bills without living with The Creep.
I tried on about a dozen different pairs of running capris and picked the best two.  Both a size smaller than I had before, maybe T was right.  I tend to wear Nike's a lot because when I was bigger and first started running they had the only XL pants I could find that I didn't feel horrible in so they have always been my fall back capri brand.  Then I found a pair of Reeboks on the sale rack, tried them on, and loved everything about them.  The cut, the fit, the fact that they will be my only pair of non-black capris (look at me branching out) that by the time the lady told me they were accidentally placed on the rack and not really on sale I was sold.  I felt a bit guilty buy new run clothes, but both pair were a size smaller than my others so maybe it was warranted.
While they are the same size the black Nike pair are way smaller.
We shall see how they both work.
So I whipped out the new clothes and got ready to go streaking in the tropical, sunny, noontime, SC weather.  Wow, humidity!  It was rough.  You step out the door and are sweating before you hit the sidewalk.
Or you just live in The South in May-August.
I pushed myself though.  I was going so slow and super sore, but I wouldn't let myself quit.  I'm very happy I didn't, today was my first double digit run in about 4 months.  Woohoo!
Wore the new Reebok capris today.
They held up great.
However, I was so sweaty everything would have stuck to me.
We will see when it gets colder out and they don't suction to me from sweat how they do,
I don't usually buy shirts with writing on them.
However, I'm on a new bright color kick.
Plus I am "Running for My Life."
I'm running for my health and I'm running forever!
 Runner's World Summer Streak Day 1 = 10 miles  


  1. Your 10 mile run puts my run to shame. Guess I need to clean up my act as I get into the streak. Don't know how you did it after yesterdays run and Saturday.

    1. Very, very slowly. I was pretty sore the whole time. If anyone saw me they would have laughed. However, I just pushed through.
      I kept telling myself: Just to the next road, Now on to the tennis court, make it to that big tree. I basically had about a million baby goals and next thing I knew I was almost done:)


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