Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fro-yo, splatter paint, & angry babies, oh my!

This is how I spent my Cinco de Mayo evening in order to save money after a shopping trip.  My nails are usually all one color, but sometimes I decide to be a bit different. 
Cat in the background (eating, she loves food like her mom) for free.
I woke up and had my once a weekend breakfast pancakes.  It is nice to actually have time to sit down and eat breakfast and these are really good and not too heavy if I am going for a run afterward, which I was. 
The pills are glucosamine chondroitin which I recently started taking.
Yes, I do measure things out exactly for serving sizes.  I have portion control issues and I found that making myself measure instead of eyeballing (turns out my eyes really over estimate, especially on yummy foods) is much better for me.  The pancakes and sugar free syrup together are just 245 calories and a fabulous breakfast. 
Then I went for a run.  I was dead at about mile 4 yesterday, but today was about 10 degrees cooler and the sun stayed behind a cloud most of the time so I didn't feel like I was frying.  Plus there was this amazing breeze that felt fabulous.  It almost made the rocks at the end of the trail worth it, almost.  My goal was just to run a slow 6.5 to try and increase a bit.  I was slower for sure without C and T to push me, but my goal was distance so that was fine.  I've got to start from somewhere and I want to get my distance up first and then work on getting back to speed.  Well next thing I knew I had run the entire 8 mile section of the trail and I didn't want to be done yet, everything felt wonderful, not sore, not tight, so I kept going.  It was one of those great running days.  I made myself stop at mile 9 because I know I shouldn't be jumping my mileage up too high and 6 to 9 seemed like it was probably time to cut it.  Although there was something in me that was really wanting to run my own (extremely slow) half marathon.  Love days like that, they remind me why I do this crazy running thing. 
When I came home I was already starving for lunch.  I don't usually eat frozen meals.  I try to cook my own food and save leftovers to eat throughout the week.  However, I do keep 2 or 3 on hand for situations like today where I have no groceries.  I am going to the store (Publix) later.  If I am going to have a frozen meal this is my favorite and it rings in at 350 calories.  It is filling and doesn't taste frozen, plus I love Mexican food.

 Then I showered and played on the computer downloading pictures that my wonderful sister-in-law sent of my nephew while I waited for a load of laundry to finish.  I might be biased, but I am 100% sure he is the cutest kid ever.
This is his new angry face he makes anytime his parents tell him "no."
If he did this to me I would not be able to stop laughing at him.
However, he is normally a very smiley, happy little guy.
Then it was off to grocery shop at Publix, home to start more laundry, take a 1.5 hour nap (my favorite part about weekends, well next to the not working), fold laundry (I know it was a good week because I had as many workout clothes as work/weekend clothes), and make dinner.

I chopped up one whole red tomato, one whole yellow tomato, and an 8oz ball of Publix fresh mozzarella (found in the deli).  I love the taste of Italian dressing on tomatoes so I mixed it all up with 3 tbsp. of Publix Fat Free Italian.  Hey, 2 just didn't look like enough, and 4 felt like too many.  Then I split it in half.  One bowl for dinner tonight and leftovers for another dinner.  I love tomatoes and LOVE cheese, but this is an indulgence I really allow myself as I am afraid if I make it too often I will never eat anything else.  The good news is that my bowl only has about 335-340 calories in it so it is totally within my dinner amount. 
Then I realized I was still way under my 1,600 calories for the day so it was treat time.  I love Publix and all the store brand stuff they have is pretty great.  I am an ice cream freak, but will not allow myself to buy full fat ice cream.  Luckily, Publix has a decent selection of low fat frozen yogurt flavors.   Plus it tastes like actual ice cream.  I gave it to a guy friend once who wouldn't even let me by 1/2 fat ice cream and didn't tell him, he went on about how great it was and how I should be glad he made me buy the full fat stuff.  Well, it was on sale so I allowed myself to buy some.  I always switch between the strawberry, my standby all time favorite ice cream flavor, and their cool mint cookie which is also fabulous.  However, I decided to branch out and try the Key Lime Pie flavor and it is amazing too.  Tastes just like the pie filling.  Happiness! 

Now I still have about an hour before my trashy yet amazing Sunday night TV.  Thinking about going for an evening bike ride.  Just FYI, I have the same bike I had since 6th grade.  I haven't grown since then and my parents had to buy me an adult bike.  It still works great and I look super styling with the shiny splatter paint showing throw, it was so cool in '93.    
Does your bike have a gold name plate that your dad put on  just for you?  Don't think so!

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