Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Abby Versus Food

I am very aware that my diet is what is holding me back from being a healthier version of myself.  Notice I don't say skinny, I've never really had the desire to be a stick, but I would love to be healthier, a bit more toned, and a better runner and I know that my diet holds me back a lot.  However, I love food and I refuse to give up all my favorite things because then I would be miserable.  So last night when watching Glee with T and she picked up delicious cupcakes to celebrate another friend's new job, of course I had one.  However, I had eaten less and we had run 4 miles before in preparation.  So while I know I would be in better shape and more toned if I didn't do stuff like that I am not willing to give it up.  Because let's be real, if T had eaten one and I had choosen to restrain and be healthy I would have given her the nastiest looks the entire time (not on purpose, out of jealously) and been craving one like a fiend. 
What bugs me though are days like today.  I was close to, not over, my calories yesterday so today I was planning on being under to help balance things out.  Well I have eaten healthy foods all day, no big splurges or sweets, and for some reason I am starving!  I have days like this probably 1 or 2 times a week, where no matter how much I eat I never feel full.  I usually aim for about 1,600 calories a day because any less than that and you wouldn't want to be around the unhappy, hungry person I would become, and because I generally exercise enough to work it off.  However, on days like today I consume 2,000-2,400 calories of normal healthy food, not junk, and am still ravenous no matter what.  It is days like today when I watch Man vs. Food and instead of thinking "Gross" I think "I could definitely eat at least 3 of those burgers, maybe 4 or 5.  That guys is a pansy!"  These days are the ones that upset me the most because I am trying to eat the right thing, not trying to have any treats or splurges, and I am just soooooo HUNGRY.  Very frustrating.  Wish I knew how to make this stop.  I've tried drinking lots more water, but so far, no luck.  Ideas? 

On a side note-
I feel like an anthropologist studying a wild animal species. However, it's my roommate, the laziest, smelliest, most disgusting man ever! For 7 months he has done nothing but eat massive amounts of junk food, sleep, play video games, smell awful, and create huge messes.
I've now started to leave little challenges. Like he used the last of the paper towel roll and I decided not to throw it away and get out one of the many new rolls for him in order to see how long it would take him to do it. After over a week no such luck, but he used about 100 napkins today while I was gone at work instead of getting the one paper towel roll out.
Top of Form
I came home and thought, "Holy Crap my crazy cat peed on the floor." Which she never does so I was shocked and mad. After sniffing around for 30 minutes trying to find it I realized it wasn't Harlee there wasn't anything anywhere.   It is just him. He smells so bad the entire condo stinks! So bad I spent 30 minutes smelling everything for cat pee!

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